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October 2007

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{Castle} Castle/Beckett - walk away

love_kate_walsh in ga_challenges

2nd fanfic challenge

Title: I just called to say I love you
Author: love_kate_walsh
Rating: T
Shipper: Addison/Derek
Summary: Pre Greys Anatomy. Addison is on a conference on Barbados, Derek visits her.

Addison plopped down on the sofa of her hotel room. Today the conference had been long and boring. She would rather be at home with her husband. ‘Derek’ Addison thought and a smile showed up on her face. They were married for 5 years now and were still as happy as on their first day.

Addison sighed. She would be in Barbados for another 5 days, where her conference was taking place. And that meant another 5 days without Derek. She leaned against the back rest of the sofa and played with her wedding ring.

After a while sitting on the sofa, Addison got up. ‘I’m gonna go to the beach’, she thought and walked over to the closet to look for her bikini. When she was changing, her cell phone rang.

“Hello?” she asked as she grabbed it and answered the call.

“Hey Addie”, Derek said on the other end. “I just called to say how much I love you and that I miss you!”

Addison smiled. “I love you, too, Derek and I miss you like crazy. I don’t wanna spend another 5 days without you.”

“I know”, he said. “But unfortunately you have to… how was your day?” he then changed the subject.

“Boring. It’s always the same and it’s always too long. I’d rather go shopping or to the beach, which by the way I’m going to do when we are finished here…” she smiled.

Derek laughed. “That sounds good. I hope you have fun. But don’t look at other men.

Now Addison was the one who laughed. “No need to worry…I’m a good girl…”

“Oh yeah, right…” Derek teased.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” Addison asked and laughed lightly. She knew exactly what Derek meant.

“So, I guess we should stop talking then, cause otherwise it’ll be too late to go to the beach…”

They talked another 5 minutes and then ended the call. Addison went to the beach and had a nice time.

The next day went pretty much the same as all the others. The conference was boring and Addison spent almost the entire day there. When it finally was over for that day, Addison and a few colleges went out for dinner.

Addison was one of the first to say goodbye, because she was tired and also she wanted to call Derek. She missed him and just wanted to hear his voice.

When Addison opened the door to her hotel room, she gasped. The room was lit by candles and on the floor was an arrow made out of roses. Addison closed and locked the door behind her and walked towards the bed, towards the direction the arrow was pointing.

On the nightstand were a bunch of red roses and in front of the base was a box of her favorite chocolate. On the bed were the letters ‘I love you’ written, also with rose petals. Underneath it was a heart with a letter inside of it.

Addison took the envelope and opened it. She took out the letter and read it.

Dear Addison,

It’s been 10 years that we know each other now. We have been married for 5 years and I still love you like on our first day. Since we have been married, my life is so much better and I’m the happiest guy in the world. You are the most important person in my life and I love you so much that I can’t even say it. I’ll always love you and I’ll never leave you. Every minute you’re not with me, I miss you like crazy. It’s like a part of me is missing. I wouldn’t know what to do without you. I love you!



Addison’s eyes were filled with tears. She was truly touched by the letter Derek wrote her and she loved him as much as he loved her. She wiped away her tears and put the letter back into the envelope. Then she placed it again in the middle of the heart.

On the floor was another arrow, pointing towards the bathroom. Addison walked over to the door and opened it. The bathroom was full of candles and the bathtub filled with warm water and lather.

Addison stripped out of her clothes and got into the bathtub. The warm water surrounded her body and Addison sighed. She laid back and closed her eyes.

Derek stepped behind Addison. He ran one hand softly through her hair, making Addison wince a little in surprise.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you”, he whispered.

“It’s okay… I guessed you were here”, Addison replied, smiling. Here eyes were still closed.

Derek grinned. “I hove you like my little surprise.” He softly stroked over Addison’s shoulder and then brushed her cheek lightly.

“It’s perfect”, Addison whispered. “Thank you… for every thing. I love you so much! And I wouldn’t know what to do without you, either. I missed you like crazy the last 6 days. Thanks for coming.”

Derek smiled and knelt down behind the bathtub. “You’re welcome”, he said and placed a few soft kisses on the back of Addison’s neck.

She lifted her hand to Derek’s cheek and lovingly caressed it. “You don’t wanna join me?” she asked.

Derek laughed. “That sounds very tempting but no, I don’t wanna join you. This is just for you. I thought you could need a little relaxation.”

Addison smiled grateful. “Thank you.”

Derek smiled. “Then enjoy your bath, I’m going to wait in the bedroom… but don’t fall asleep…”

Addison laughed. “I’m trying not to but I can’t promise anything.”

Derek stood up and gave Addison a kiss on the top of her head. Then he left the room and closed the door behind himself. Addison stayed in the bathtub, eyes closed and relaxing.

Half an hour later, Addison stepped out of the bathroom, one towel wrapped around her body and one round her hair. Derek sat in an armchair and smiled at her. She walked over to him and sat down on his lap. Addison wrapped her arms around his shoulders and he rested his on her hips.

“Thank you for the beautiful surprise”, she whispered.

Derek smiled. “You’re welcome” He placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

Addison rested her head against his and they stayed like this a while.

“I guess we should tidy every thing up before we go to bed…” Derek said.

Addison laughed. “Yeah, we have to… Can you help me with the candles in the bathroom?”

“Of course”

They walked into the bathroom and tidied every thing up. When they were finished, they went into the bedroom and cleaned up.

Half an hour later they had every thing cleaned up and Addison had dried her hair and put on an old shirt and boxer shorts from Derek. Both collapsed onto the bed and Derek wrapped his arms around Addison. He pulled her closer and kissed her softly on her forehead.

Addison cuddled herself into Derek’s arms and pulled the sheets close around her.

“Good night”, Derek whispered and kissed her softly on the top of her head.

“Night”, Addison replied.

It didn’t take long for both of them to fall asleep. Both had a slight smile on their faces and their arms were wrapped around the others body.